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so much sorrow. it fills me.
the world is bleeding, and i am not the bandage.

it hurts me to know this, and i shed tears on this earth that i cannot help. i cannot heal the very thing that gives me life, and i mourn this fact with every breath.

why is peace so strange to us? why is death an option? our hands wring necks, yet we have nails, not claws; we are built to plant, not uproot. we are soft at heart— so why, in these days of torture, are we stone?
where are the gaps in our barbed wire?
where is the water in our world of fire?

our leaders, their fortresses so impenetrable, sit on their thrones. on their white horses, safe from the battle, they watch us bleed. our tears flood the streets so they build higher walls. our voices raise in protest so they use thicker glass. the graffiti we spray on their damn concrete walls is the closest they come to hearing us out.

the world is wounded and i am not the bandage—
i am the strong scar tissue ready to take another blow.
in a climate of conflict, i am armed with kindness—
and, despite my pain, i still bring hope.
written at like 2 a.m. bc i was quite overwhelmed with all the sorrow in our world. 
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red-fox357 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014   Artist
I know the pain you're going through... There's quite a few of us who also wear these scars...
We cannot change people. Esp. not those who are our oppisites... But we can only use them
as our energy to be that change we want to see in the world.

"Let this cry be a cry of victory not of defeat..."

Something I said at the death of coyote by the hands of some cuntry fucks who didn't know
what they've done...
Even though I was badly hurt by sorrow for coyote and wanted nothing more then to see
them suffer I knew I could'nt do anything ( without goin' to prison... ) but not let them ruin
it for me and that I try even harder to live with nature to make up for the displacement they
have caused.

Also, the people who we think are "evil" are nothing more then extremely negative and insecure
beings too blocked in their own minds to ever view the natural world as beatifully as people
like you and I... They're life must be pretty shitty to see such wonderful creatures like coyote,
wolf, deer, elk, or even crow and have their first thought of killing it for their own pleasure.
(Mostly the "game" hunters... not those who have enough honor and respect to only kill
what they NEED and never kill beyond while appreciating what they have )

They will get what's coming to them.
namu-the-orca Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A really strong poem, so well written and (sadly) so very true. Amazing :hug:
Pat-Patriksson Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Love it!Heart 
verybluebird Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
:) thank youuuu
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July 15, 2014


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